Care of Police Suicide Survivors



Care Of Police Suicide Survivors Scholarship is awarded to a select undergraduate student who has experienced the devastating loss of a parent or caregiver in the law enforcement community to suicide. The award was established by C.O.P.S.S. as a means to educate communities and individuals about the disparity in available and effective mental health treatment protocols afforded to the members of law enforcement and the subsequent devastating effect on law enforcement families. And most importantly, support survivors and reduce the stigma they encounter due to the nature of their loss.

The C.O.P.S.S. Survivor Scholarship is a one-time, $5000.00 award. Students interested in applying for the scholarship may obtain and submit an application through the C.O.P.S.S. website here. The award will be made to the student who demonstrates a high level of scholarship and/or history of employment that reflects a commitment to work.

Eligibility Requirements

* Applicant must have lost a law enforcement parent or caregiver to suicide

* Student must be accepted into an accredited College or University

* Student must be matriculated and maintain at least part-time enrollment in the undergraduate program

Application instructions:

1. Please complete all sections of the application form

2. Obtain an official high school or college transcript reflecting your highest level of education.

3. Write a personal statement (approximately 500 words) describing how you have overcome adversity.

4. Obtain two letters of recommendation from individuals who are familiar with you academically or personally.

5. Submit all information either online or to:


11 Argilla Rd.

Andover, MA 01810

The deadline for the application is April 15, 2019. The award will be presented in May 2019.